Coordinated Entry

Looking for data entry instructions? Click on the title for your CoC’s instructions to find materials to assist you in doing data entry as an access/intake point entering the VI-SPDAT and supplemental questions, or a housing agency processing a referral from the priority list. It is important to note that you will not find (1) any of your CoC’s policy and procedure documentation nor (2) instructions for running and interpreting your priority list report on this page.

Ramsey CoC Instructions

Hennepin CoC Instructions


Written Instructions

Hennepin Coordinated Entry Workflow

Housing Agency Q&A Includes how to process a referral received before 11/1 differently than 11/1 or later

Video Instructions

  • Deep Dive into the Hennepin CES Assessment

SMAC CoC Instructions

St. Louis CoC Instructions


Written Instructions

  • SLC CES Data Entry Instructions Updated 9/18/17: Please discard any training material distributed on 6/27/2017 at your in-person training. These instructions have been updated and should be used by data entry staff at access/intake points and data entry staff at housing agencies (accepting referrals from the Priority List).
  • The migration (3877 to new providers) These instructions walk you through moving OPEN participants from provider 3877 to your agency’s new Coordinated Entry Assessment provider. OPEN in this context means a participant with a consented HMIS ROI to share their data statewide within HMIS.

Video Instructions

Northeast CoC Instructions

Written Instructions

Northeast Coordinated Entry Workflow

Video Instructions

Northwest CoC Instructions

West Central CoC Instructions

Central CoC Instructions

Southwest CoC Instructions

Southeast CoC Instructions

Report Guides


MN Coordinated Entry Dashboard

Use the Coordinated Entry Dashboard

CE Dashboard Facilitation Guide

Priority List Updates

Please review Priority List Updates (June 2018) for information about the Priority List Quality Assurance project and June 2018 updates to the Minnesota Priority Lists.

CES Monitoring Report 

MIN-00-CES-211 CES Monitoring Report Guide

CES Housing Provider Audit Report

241 Housing Provider Audit Report Manual

Assessor Agency Check Reports

MIN-00-CES-221 – CE Assessor Agency Check (Referral Workflow) 

MIN-00-CES-222 – CE Assessor Agency Check (E/E Workflow)

Answering the 3.917 Living Situation Series

3.917 Helper – This helpful document was created by ICA system administrators working on HMIS implementation in Alaska and will assist you with responding to the questions as they are required across the country!

Documenting Living Situation and Disability Status to Determine Chronic Homelessness – This webinar was conducted in summer 2017 to assist people in responding to the 3.917 series, as well as the disabling condition question.

LTHSSF Navigator Pilot Instructions

Note that this program currently only serves the metro area (Hennepin, Ramsey, SMAC).

Navigator Pilot Workflow Instructions

Guidance for HUD CoC-Funded Coordinated Entry Programs