Data Quality

Ensuring high-quality homeless data is vital to a successful HMIS implementation and is a shared responsibility of data entry staff, direct service staff, agency administrators, Continuum of Care Coordinators, Local System Administrators, the Lead Agency, and the State System Administrator.

The HEARTH Act sets data quality parameters for data completeness, accuracy and consistency in an HMIS. With feedback from the Continuum of Care regions and participating organizations through the former Governing Group, the State System Administrator developed and implemented a Data Quality Plan, reviewed annually, for Minnesota’s HMIS.  This plan lays the framework, establishes benchmarks, and outlines the individual responsibilities for ensuring high-quality data with consideration to timeliness, completeness, accuracy, monitoring and incentives.


Quarters Reminder email sent to CoC Coordinators Data for each quarter must be entered, complete and current Reports sent to CoC Coordinators Missing/Error in Data for each quarter must be corrected Reports re-sent to CoC Coordinators*
Q1 Oct – Dec Jan 1 Jan 15 Jan 22 Feb 5 Feb 12
Q2 Jan – Mar Apr 1 Apr 15 Apr 22 May 5 May 12
Q3 Apr – Jun Jul 1 Jul 15 Jul 22 Aug 5 Aug 12
Q4 Jul – Sep Oct 1 Oct 15 Oct 22 Nov 5 Nov 12

*included will be a list of agencies that have not improved their data and/or still exceed the data quality error goals.

Note: A Progress Chart will be sent twice a year (August and February)