What Do HMIS User Fees Pay For?


HMIS end user fees are an essential component of the overall Minnesota HMIS budget and can be used to cover a variety of expenses needed to operate Minnesota’s HMIS. Expenses covered by user fees will vary from year to year and may include:

  • ICA staff expenses for administration of the system
    • ICA does not charge fees for any of their HMIS trainings. User fees help to cover those costs.
  • $166 – Annual cost paid to WellSky for each User License (regardless of a User’s role/system access)
  • $176 – One-time start-up cost paid to WellSky for each new license.
    • This cost is in addition to a new user’s $166 license fee.
    • ICA does not charge a one-time new user fee. The expense is absorbed into the overall budget.
  • Other expenses, such as travel that may not be eligible activities under other grants or contracts.

Note: this is an update to a prior communication that was sent in March of 2017 regarding how user fee revenue is used to support the MN HMIS system. We will update this documentation in full as the Finance Committee of the HMIS Governing Board completes its discussion of user fees for the 2020 operating year.