We Want Your Input!


The HMIS Governing Board and its committees, along with ICA, have published a survey to gather input on three topics: 1) Minnesota-specific data elements, 2) HMIS priorities, and 3) user fees.

The survey, which will be open through April 13th, contains fewer than 20 questions and allows participants to choose which of the three topics to weigh in on. All HMIS stakeholders – including agency leadership, CoC Coordinators, Local System Administrators, State program staff, and others – are encouraged to respond.

How will this information be used?

  • Input on data elements will be discussed at a joint meeting of the Implementation and Policy & Prioritization Committees in May.  Attendees will decide on what changes, if any, to make effective July 1, 2018. The meeting will be held on May 2, from 1-3 pm, at Sabathani Community Center or by phone.  All stakeholders, but especially those submitting proposed changes, are encouraged to attend.
  • Input on HMIS priorities will be used by the Policy & Prioritization Committee and ICA to inform the next iteration of the Annual HMIS Work Plan.
  • Input on user fees will be used by the Finance Committee to inform conversations about potential user fee changes in upcoming budget cycles.

Please note that a separate satisfaction survey will be sent in mid-2018 in preparation for the Policy & Prioritization Committee’s annual performance review of ICA.