We Want Your Input on Data Elements!

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The Policy and Prioritization Committee of the HMIS Governing Board will be reviewing the Minnesota HMIS Universal and Program-Specific Data Elements and is seeking input from HMIS users and other HMIS stakeholders. The data elements will be discussed at the Policy and Prioritization meeting in April. We encourage anyone with feedback about the data elements to fill out this form by 5pm on Friday, March 29th.

We strongly encourage you to review the current MN Data Elements to inform your feedback. An overview of the Minnesota Universal Data Elements can be found here (pages 17-21). Each Minnesota State Homeless Program also collects program-specific data elements which can be found in the HMIS User Guide for each program. User Guides can be found on the Forms and Instructions page.

The Policy and Prioritization Committee will be discussing potential changes to the data elements at their meeting on Wednesday, May 1st from 1-3pm at Sabathani Community Center. The meeting can also be attended via conference call and all stakeholders are encouraged to attend, especially those submitting proposed changes.

State program partners will be using a separate form to submit their feedback.

We appreciate your thoughtful feedback and participation in this process!