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Data Entry

How to enter data into ServicePoint (database used for Minnesota’s HMIS).



Data Quality

Any video tutorial related to the process of checking your data to make sure it is clean and compliant. This can include pulling reports if the primary purpose is data checking or data quality.



Program Specific

Video tutorials related to collecting, entering or running reports specific to a funder’s program to help you be compliant with your funder and to prepare you for accurate reporting.




Training to help stakeholders understand the rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and standardization of the database, including history, privacy and client confidentiality, as well as the universal data elements. A lot of these trainings are helpful to individuals who are not necessarily HMIS Users (such as data collection/intake staff, agency administration, etc.)



New User Training

A collection of training videos that New Users watched during the New User Training process. These videos can be helpful to individuals who would like to review the fundamentals of data entry in HMIS.




How to run reports in ServicePoint and ART. Introduces useful or required reports. Typically these tutorials are not for 1 specific program. Some of the tutorials will cover advanced topics such as editing or creating reports.




These videos are for projects that are using the ShelterPoint module in ServicePoint. Typically these tutorials are not for general HMIS Users. If you are not sure if you’re using ShelterPoint in HMIS, please contact the Helpdesk.


General ShelterPoint Training

Hennepin Adult Shelter Connect Project



System Administration

These video tutorials are geared towards System Administrators as they introduce more technical components and the backend of ServicePoint. These tutorials are not intended for most HMIS users.




Great things are happening, and we want you to be a part of it! This channel is a catch-all for new initiatives, ideas, or concepts within Minnesota’s HMIS.

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Summer 2017 Webinar Series

Recordings of the live webinar trainings over the summer of 2017 to refresh your skills and learn about data! To see what’s coming up next and to register for a webinar, visit this page!