Turning HMIS Data into Insight: #whichreport Can Help Get the Answers You Need?


On the Helpdesk, we often receive questions that start with: “Which report can I run to find…?” Users may be fielding a data question on a grant application or from their executive director, and they need advice to know which report has the number they’re looking for.

The chart below shows the top answers to users’ #whichreport questions. Frequently, users need answers specific to their funding stream, such as FHPAP or PATH. The CoC-APR and the ESG CAPER canned reports are useful for general demographic and outcome information, as is the Core Report – we recommend one of those three most of the time! We also frequently see questions about how to check referrals and VI-SPDAT scores (those answers can be found in Coordinated Entry reports), as well as how to check HMIS Data Quality (where we usually recommend the HUD Data Quality Framework report). Reports falling into the “Other” category include those showing county-level data and those specific to shelters.

If you’ve ever had questions like these, ICA MN’s REPORTcollection is a useful resource. For questions specific to your funder’s workflow, filter the Homeless Program column. Coordinated Entry questions? Filter Primary Use. For reports just for shelters, or specific to your CoC, filter Audience. There’s also a general search function, which you could use to search ”referrals” or “county.” Don’t forget: you can always contact the Helpdesk if you have report questions.