Turning HMIS Data Into Insight: Spotlight on Data Quality Reports

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Good insights from HMIS data can only come from good quality data. We at ICA are so grateful for users’ responsiveness to data corrections during the past few months of federal projects, and we want users to feel equipped with tools to stay on top of data quality year-round.

We’re sharing the Agency Guide to Data Quality Reports, a resource for finding and running the data quality reports that will help you explore, improve, and celebrate your program’s data quality on your own.

Here’s a list of important data quality elements, and the report that will give you the right info about your data.

  • Housing Move-In Date: Housing Move-In Date Monitoring Report
  • Income and Disabilities: Sub-assessment Errors Report
  • Chronic Homelessness status: HUD Data Quality Framework (076-0640)
  • Coordinated Entry assessments: CE Assessor Agency Check reports (CES Provider Specific Reports)

The guide will show you how to how to find the report in HMIS and offer some helpful links for understanding the report and getting the data right. If you have questions about report prompts, about interpreting what you see in the reports, or about correcting any data that you notice needs attention, contact the Helpdesk!