Turning HMIS Data Into Insight: Part 2 – Core Manual Release

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In Part 2 of our Turning HMIS Data Into Insight series, we’re releasing the long-anticipated manual to accompany the 030 MN Core Homeless Programs report!

Have you ever wanted to up your evaluation game? Want to share with your director characteristics and outcomes of your program, but get a bit fuzzy on the details?

The 030 MN Core Homeless Programs report can help with that! And now there’s a manual to help you understand the specs and think through how to use the numbers to  gain insights about your program.

The Core is a truly collaborative product that seeks to encompass what most of our programs have in common (thanks again to the user testers that helped us develop it!).

Who’s the Core and Core Manual For?

This report isn’t just for HMIS users. Program managers, executive directors, CoC Coordinators, supervisors, and county and state homeless program managers will find this report useful.

Why Should I Use the Core?

Use this report to understand your program’s characteristics. If used routinely, the Core can assist program evaluation and monitoring. The Core is especially powerful if used to track changes over time. To the extent that the data you seek is tracked in HMIS, it can illuminate how you serve who you serve to help you drive better decisions for your program.

Where Can I Learn More?

Check out our MN Data Portal for the manual, as well as last week’s Data Utilization Toolkit, and other opportunities to explore HMIS data!

We Want to Hear from You! Have you used the Core report in your daily practice? Have an example of a programmatic decision you made as a result? We’d love to hear from you and your data-driven ways. Send us a testimonial, idea, or suggestion at mnhmis@icalliances.org.