Turning HMIS Data Into Insight: Part 1

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We’re thrilled to launch this extended series of news articles to help our users turn HMIS data into insights. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share brand new resources about HMIS that you can leverage in your everyday work, when advocating, or making program decisions. They’re developed in the spirit of building data-driven culture.

The first is a resource guide intended to provide program leaders with the tools they need to make the most of their HMIS data. The guide will prepare readers to facilitate conversations about HMIS in the spirit of building data-driven culture, increasing motivation among data entry staff, and empowering all stakeholders to feel ownership over HMIS data.  Each section has a specific purpose and can be read separately or taken together.

We are so grateful to the HMIS users who read and provided feedback on a draft of this document:

Michelle Jensen, UCAP

Jessica Jerney, Hennepin County

Heather Wilmot LeMay, St. Stephen’s

Rachel Zetah, LSS

This resource guide is available in the Minnesota Data Portal on the MN HMIS website, along with other tools you can use to dig deeper into your HMIS data.