The PDE is now the PRF! (Provider Request Form)

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Do you plan to request a new HMIS provider for a project at your agency in the future? Heads up that we have redesigned what was formerly known as the PDE (Project Descriptor Elements) Form, and will now be linking you to a new and improved Provider Request Form (PRF) instead. It may look a little different, but the usual process and timeline for new provider requests is not changing. The new look and flow of the form will simply allow us to gather more accurate information up front, and to make new provider set-ups more efficient on our end.

As always, please remember to have the following readily available whenever you complete this form:

  • The staff person at your agency who can provide accurate information and answer questions about the project;
  • Knowledge of the funding source, including when the grant starts/started;
  • For federally-funded projects, the grant identifier from your contract or grant;
  • For shelters and housing projects, knowledge of the number of beds and units per this funding source.

The link to this new form can still be found on the Administrative Documents page of our website, but now there is a link to the Provider Request Form (PRF) on the Forms & Instructions page as well. Contact the Helpdesk or your ICA MN Regional System Administrator if you find that you need assistance while filling out this form.