Client Location and Mini Data Quality Clean Up

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When we reviewed our Federal Fiscal Year 2019 data quality clean up results, we saw that most things had improved greatly, thanks to your hard work! Unfortunately, we are still seeing many Client Location errors. If Client Location is missing or incorrect, the client’s stay will be kicked out of LSA and SPM reports, resulting  … Read more

Beat Your RSA to the Punch

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Your Regional System Administrator (RSA) is getting ramped up to review your CoC’s data quality in service of the Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) and System Performance Measures (SPMs) starting the week of Monday, October 7. Your RSA will be in contact with you if your project or agency has data that requires your attention (ex.  … Read more

Announcement: It’s FFY18 System Performance Measures Submission Season!


ICA launched into System Performance Measures preparations last week and we have already begun sending out data corrections emails to agencies.   If you have received data corrections instructions from a Regional System Administrator, please block out some time to complete those over the next two weeks. This ensures there is time for RSAs to answer your questions, review work,  … Read more