New APR to be Released by November 1

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Bowman is currently developing a new APR (Annual Progress Report) expected to be released November 1, 2015. All APRs due on or after November 1 will be expected to use this new report. If you have an APR due in October, you will still use the current APR in ART; make sure to submit your  … Read more

Coming Soon to ServicePoint! New ESG CAPER

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Here is what we know: Bowman has released a beta version of the new ESG CAPER and is seeking your feedback! Try it out and send an email to with feedback that we’ll pass directly onto Bowman. This new report will be much longer than the current ESG CAPER as it reports on all  … Read more

How do the Changes to the Data Standards Impact Reports?

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Although we have updated your ServicePoint Assessments and Data Collection Forms to reflect the changes and new language for the Federal Data Standards, the reports are not automatically updated. Funder Reports (including Funder Data Quality Reports) will be updated prior to your next report due date, starting in January 2016. The Data Quality reports (found  … Read more

Update on Using HMIS to Complete Your NOFA Project Application

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Message from Bowman Systems: “There will be no reports that support the Renewal Project Application. The “0636 Project Participant 5A-5B NOFA 2013-2014” report is being retired and removed from the ART Gallery this week. This is due to clarifications in the 2015 Project Application Detailed Instructions that clarify the intent of the 5A and B  … Read more

APR report issue

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If you have an APR due on or before Nov 30th and have already started using the HUD Verification process in your updates, the APR report will not work properly for you. You can either: Update ALL client records using the HUD verification to meet the new standards Delete the “No” answers in the sub-assessment  … Read more