Important News About Coordinated Entry Reports

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Minnesota’s HMIS has recently undergone exciting changes in Coordinated Entry workflow, and as a result we’re revising the suite of reports available for Coordinated Entry reporting. Some reports will be updated to work with the recent changes; others will be retired. Read on to learn more about the future of Coordinated Entry Reports. Priority List  … Read more

Spotlight on Our Report Writer!


You may not be familiar with Amanda Franklin, ICA’s Report Writer, but if you use ART for reporting, you are probably very familiar with her work! Amanda works with us all the way from Texas, where she builds the reports that help CoCs and agencies track client outcomes, check data quality and completeness, monitor the  … Read more

ART Time Zone Change

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Related to the move of ART’s servers, Wellsky has changed the time zone in which the Last Warehouse Build appears. The Last Warehouse Build, until further notice, will appear in Mountain Standard Time. This change does not affect how time appears otherwise in the ART module or in reports. To understand when the last build  … Read more

Scheduled ART Downtime March 6 – 9

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ART will be down this weekend for an important move of its servers. The data center that supports ART is migrating to a new location. WellSky said this move will improve stability and allow for access to newer technologies.   When are they moving? ART’s servers will move this weekend, beginning Friday, March 6.   Will there  … Read more

Bookmark This!: REPORTCollection

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Did your Helpdesk helper send you a link that was really useful and now you can’t find it in your email? Next time, Bookmark This!  New to bookmarks? Follow this link and follow the instructions for the browser of your choice. Looking for a report on data you have entered into HMIS? Not sure which  … Read more

Update on APR and CAPER Issues

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As we reported on Monday, the APR and CAPER issues that were preventing submissions in Sage have now been addressed. While uploads will now process, we are aware of another issue in Table 22e of the reports that is causing children to be counted under “Data Not Collected,” even though the questions do not apply  … Read more

Data Standards Report Updates Continue

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Per our recent news alert, we continue to update ART reports affected by the HUD Data Standards updates. Most highly used reports and reports with upcoming deadlines are fixed. As this work continues, be sure to reference the REPORTcollection for resolution status and current version.