FHPAP Prevention Assessment Tool in HMIS July 1st

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The 2019-2021 biennium for FHPAP is upon us and starts on July 1st. The Prevention Assessment Tool is being implemented in HMIS and will be live for the start of the new biennium on July 1st, 2019. The Prevention Assessment Tool is currently being used by Prevention providers across the state for FHPAP prevention services.  … Read more

FHPAP Quarterly Reports Due May 5th

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It is quarterly reporting time again for FHPAP programs! Only quarterly reports are due this time around, but it will be helpful to begin looking at your data for the entire grant period as the MHFA biennium comes to a close on June 30th.   Please run FHPAP reports to ensure that all clients and financial services  … Read more

Updated FHPAP Tip Sheet Now Available

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Do you have new HMIS users entering client data for FHPAP programs? Have a report question that you cannot quite figure out yourself?   Check out the updated FHPAP Tip Sheet for helpful advice on Entry/Exits, Service Transactions, and FHPAP Reports.  Have remaining questions? Email the Helpdesk at mnhmis@icalliances.org 

FHPAP Reports are due Friday, February 1st

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FHPAP reports are due to Minnesota Housing Finance Agency on February 1st for both the Quarter 6 reporting period (10/1/18 – 12/31/18) and the biennium-to-date reporting period (7/1/17 – 12/31/18). Note that this is when reports are due to MHFA. Each agency receiving these funds should refer to their respective FHPAP grantee for the specific  … Read more

FHPAP Reports Due November 2nd

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FHPAP Quarter 5 reports are due to Minnesota Housing Finance Agency on November 2nd, 2018 for reporting period 7/1/2018 – 9/30/2018. Note that this is when reports are due to Minnesota Housing. Each agency receiving these funds should refer to their respective FHPAP grantee for the specific due dates for data entry and clean up.  … Read more

Do Not Run FHPAP Reports At This Time

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ALERT: Due to the 10/1/17 HUD Data Standards upgrade, several data elements that pertain to FHPAP reports (and all Rapid Re-Housing projects). We strongly advise against running FHPAP reports at this time. We are actively working on this issue with our software developer, Mediware, and are in communication with MN Housing. MN Housing has elected  … Read more

FHPAP Provider Split Is Back On

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FHPAP grantees and service providers (sub-grantees) please read this important update. The FHPAP provider split (see previous news alerts) has resumed. Before week’s end, FHPAP grantees will receive an email from ICA with new HMIS FHPAP provider IDs. There is one additional change in workflow to note: doubled up households will be entered into a  … Read more

FHPAP: Breaking Down the Twins on July 1


While the FHPAP program is designed for the flexible use of funds, there are two distinct types of activities that need to be measured. The current provider set up for FHPAP funding conflates prevention and homeless assistance dollars. Not only does this make it difficult to track outcomes, this is also a compliance concern: HUD  … Read more

Minnesota Housing FHPAP Provider Split

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As of July 1, 2017, FHPAP ServicePoint providers will be divided into two types of activities: Housing Prevention and Housing Assistance. This is to more accurately align FHPAP project activities with their project types, ensure HUD compliance, and to better measure activities and outcomes in HMIS.  ICA and Minnesota Housing are working closely on this  … Read more

Answers to Frequent FHPAP Questions


This news article was intended to be time-limited, but we’ve noticed it continue to be a resource for data correction. While we figure out a new home for data correction information, please note this article reflects report due dates and reports from June 23, 2016 and has not been updated to reflect new information. FHPAP  … Read more