HOPWA User Guide and Data Collection Forms Now Available

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ICA MN has made available an HMIS user guide and data collection forms for HUD HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS) grantees. These materials support compliance with funder requirements for that program. Check out these materials on the Forms and Instructions section of the website. Contact the Helpdesk with any questions about these materials.  

New Instructions for Housing Providers on CES Referrals Workflow

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ICA has received a number of requests for CES referrals workflow instructions that are customized specifically for housing providers receiving referrals and returning households to priority lists. The value of this is that those housing providers would not have to skip around the full instructions document to complete all the steps. Newly updated housing provider-specific  … Read more

RHY Workflow and User Role Changes

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This item is for projects receiving funding from HHS-RHY (Health and Human Services Runaway Homeless Youth). New RHY Data Entry and Reporting Instructions (November 2015) reflect the FYSB request that clients not be entered as “anonymous” or “unnamed,” as well as instructions on adding RHY Services and Referrals.  Also check out our 30-minute RHY Video  … Read more