Data Entry Reminder – DHS OEO HYA: Baseline Outcomes

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Starting on July 1, 2019 all OEO HYA Youth Supportive Housing programs were required to collect and enter Baseline Outcome data for clients. The HMIS assessment is called MN: OEO HYA Baseline Outcomes. As a reminder, this assessment is required for clients entering OEO HYA funded housing programs on or after July 1, 2019. If  … Read more

DHS-OEO HYA Emergency Shelter Annual Reporting Deadline is August 15th

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The annual reporting deadline for DHS-OEO HYA Shelter projects is Thursday, August 15th. The following reports should be run for the period from 7/1/2018 – 6/30/2019: HYA Shelter Entry/Exits-Demographics and Entry HYA Outcomes These reports can be found in the Public Folder >> SSA Report Gallery >> 4. State Homeless Programs >> DHS OEO HYA  … Read more