HUD Announcement for E-snaps Compatibility with the New APR

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*Update* We are providing an update to previous communication that went out on October 23: “All APRs (Annual Progress Reports) due on or after November 1 will be expected to use this new reports.”  Although the new APR will be ready for use in ServicePoint, HUD announced a delay in the ability for e-snaps to accept the new APR  … Read more

HMIS Standard Reporting Terminology Glossary from HUD

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HUD recently published the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Standard Reporting Terminology Glossary, an HMIS Glossary to provide HMIS vendors, HMIS Leads and System Administrators, and communities with tools to improve the efficiency of data collection and reporting.  The HMIS Glossary provides standardized programming logic for certain terms (e.g., chronically homeless, household types) that are used by  … Read more

New APR to be Released by November 1

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Bowman is currently developing a new APR (Annual Progress Report) expected to be released November 1, 2015. All APRs due on or after November 1 will be expected to use this new report. If you have an APR due in October, you will still use the current APR in ART; make sure to submit your  … Read more

Trouble Accessing e-snaps?

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 Although we do not provide technical support for e-snaps, we are aware of issues related to browser compatibility. We have heard that progress is being made to correct these issues, but we are providing a workaround for each browser. These instructions are available with access to ServicePoint under System News. (If you do not have access  … Read more

HUD-CoC Projects – It’s NOFA Time!

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READ THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE SINCE THIS NEWS ITEM WAS POSTED. Additional instructions will follow on how to use HMIS to complete your application (you will only use HMIS to complete Q5 and Q6). Q5: Bowman is working on a report which will be released shortly (fingers crossed!) to help you answer the questions about households and  … Read more