RHY Upload Dates

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The RHY upload period opened November 12th and will be open through Friday, November 30th. Data from 10/1/17 – 9/30/18 should be uploaded to RHYPoint. Grantees can run the 0263 RHY Data Quality Report to review their data before exporting. Each project type should be exported separately. For more details on Data Quality Reports and the  … Read more

RHY Providers – Prepare for the Upcoming Data Upload


The RHY Data upload has historically been in November. As a reminder, you will be uploading your RHY Grant Data using the RHYMIS Export. This export is in the process of being updated by WellSky, but will be completed in time for the upload. Here are some things you can do to prepare for the  … Read more

RHY Grantee Submissions COMING SOON


The RHYPoint Import Portal (https://www.rhymis.net/com.bowmansystems.sp5.core.ServicePoint/index.html) will be open for grantee submissions from May 7 until May 25, 2018. As a reminder you will be uploading your RHY Grant Data using the RHYMIS Export. For more details on Data Quality Reports and the RHYMIS Export, please see the new and improved user guide on our website  … Read more

RHY Reminders


The 10/1/17 Data Standards ended the use of RHY Referrals, as a result, we are in the process of closing out these providers. We are first checking to ensure there are no clients currently enrolled in these programs (there shouldn’t have been, but we’re double checking). This is not a new change, just a continuation  … Read more

RHY Workflow and User Role Changes

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This item is for projects receiving funding from HHS-RHY (Health and Human Services Runaway Homeless Youth). New RHY Data Entry and Reporting Instructions (November 2015) reflect the FYSB request that clients not be entered as “anonymous” or “unnamed,” as well as instructions on adding RHY Services and Referrals.  Also check out our 30-minute RHY Video  … Read more

Reminder: Upload your RHY Data before December 8


The deadline for final submission of your RHY data to the RHYPoint portal is December 8. Please submit your data as soon as possible for review in order to identify potential data quality issues early. The morning following your data submission, you will be emailed a RHY Data Quality Report Card report that details whether  … Read more

RHY Reports are available to prepare for your submission period

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Data Checking Reports Two reports are now available in the RHY folder in ART: 0261 – RHY Entry Exit Assessment Data Completeness Report – v1 RHY Services Data Check Both reports are located in ART>Public Folder >SSA Report Gallery>RHY. Run both of these reports with the start/end dates of 10/01/2014-10/01/2015 and effective date of 10/01/2015.  … Read more

Federal Data Standards Changes Effective October 1, 2015

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Twice a year changes (big and small) occur to data standards that impact data collection and data entry. For Minnesota, these changes are effective July 1. For HUD (Federal), these changes are effective October 1. We have updated your Data Collection Forms to accommodate these changes effective today. Be sure to print new forms and discard  … Read more