HHS PATH Quarterly Reports Due July 31st


Quarterly reports for HHS PATH programs are due July 31st for the Q4 report period from 4/1/18 – 6/30/18. Reports should be submitted to SAMHSA via PATH PDX See the HHS-PATH HMIS User Guide for more information.

PATH Updated Instructions – Now Posted!


As PATH users are by now aware, we had to make an adjustment to the workflow after the new PATH report was released in April and sent out a document detailing that change. We have now posted updated instructions to our website with the purpose of reflecting that change. We are in the process of  … Read more

New 2017 PATH Data Collection Form Posted!

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The new 2017 PATH Data Collection form has been posted (under “Training & Support”).  PATH grantees need to begin using this new form to collect data on January 1, 2017.  (It is for single entry; if you are serving a household, please use multiple forms to collect all relevant information for each client in the  … Read more

Federal Data Standards Changes Effective October 1, 2015

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Twice a year changes (big and small) occur to data standards that impact data collection and data entry. For Minnesota, these changes are effective July 1. For HUD (Federal), these changes are effective October 1. We have updated your Data Collection Forms to accommodate these changes effective today. Be sure to print new forms and discard  … Read more

State Fiscal Year Changes Coming Soon

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This email is to give you a heads up on HMIS Fiscal Year Changes that will impact your data collection and data entry processes. Fiscal Year Changes are determined by Minnesota’s HMIS and funders. These are relatively minor changes compared to the database changes of 2014. We are busy updating your data collection forms, your  … Read more