Reminder: Updated Versions of the General HMIS Instructions and Households How-To Guide Now Available!

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ICA revamped the General HMIS Instructions and Households How-To Guide to make them more comprehensive and easy to use, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already! We used our most frequent Helpdesk questions to develop updated versions of these instructions that will be a helpful resource for all HMIS users. Like  … Read more

Announcing…Knowledge Base!

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You asked for it, and it is here! Behold, the Minnesota HMIS Knowledge Base! You can find the Knowledge Base on our website under the Training and Support section. What is a Knowledge Base? It is a collection of some of our frequently asked questions with answers from the team at ICA. Everything is sorted  … Read more

Updated General HMIS Instructions and Households How-To Guide are Now Available!

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As stated in our last newsletter, ICA is excited to release updated versions of our General HMIS Instructions and Households How-To Guide. Both of these documents are GREAT resources for all HMIS users. Check out the types of topics that are included in each document! General HMIS Instructions: Documenting the Release of Information (ROI) Statewide  … Read more

New Policy Regarding Merge Requests


We have a new internal policy that requires, at minimum, two of the three fields to be an exact match prior to processing a merge request. First and Last Name SSN, and Date of Birth If two are an exact match, the third component cannot blatantly contradict the other (see the third example below). This  … Read more

Quarterly Data Quality Plan Re-Design: Feedback Requested!


ICA is currently working on an exciting improvement to the Quarterly Data Quality Plan for Minnesota. A project is underway to completely re-design the Data Quality Plan that you once knew. Our focus will be to make the new Data Quality Plan as user-centric as possible and better align with standards and mandates from the  … Read more

The 2017 AHAR Process Is Here! What Should Users Do?

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Attention All ES, TH, and PSH Agencies: What? Each October since 2007, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) launches the data collection process that becomes the Annual Homelessness Assessment Report (AHAR). This is a nationwide estimate of households experiencing homelessness throughout 2016. To learn about the process, and your role, watch this 2017  … Read more

Quality Data Entry Benefits Agencies Statewide


Data entry accuracy is not only crucial to your agency, but with statewide data sharing, your data entry accuracy affects your community partners as well. Items to pay attention to include: Spelling of names and SSN; Adding SHARED to the Alias field for shared records so that when the next agency does their due diligence  … Read more