Reminder: Quarterly Data Quality Needs You


Quarterly Data Quality monitoring, a revolutionary shift in how we approach data quality together, is right around the corner and launching in January 2020! Part of this process is rolling out new expectations for data quality completeness, consistency and accuracy, and timeliness. Before implementing a new report and set of data quality standards, it is  … Read more

Quarterly Data Quality: Help us make it a treat, not a trick


Over the past year, ICA, CoC Coordinators, State Partners, the Tribal Collaborative, and users have worked together to design Minnesota’s Quarterly Data Quality monitoring process. 4 times per year, every single agency entering data into Minnesota’s HMIS will review their data quality simultaneously. This revolutionary shift in how we approach data quality together launches January  … Read more

Heed the DQ Email, and Chart Your Path Early


These last 2 weeks, your Regional System Administrator (RSA) has been pushing out data quality emails to projects that need to focus on certain data elements (questions) for Federal Fiscal Year 2019, which runs October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019. Plan ahead and address your data quality early. Address all cleanup by the end  … Read more

Beat Your RSA to the Punch

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Your Regional System Administrator (RSA) is getting ramped up to review your CoC’s data quality in service of the Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) and System Performance Measures (SPMs) starting the week of Monday, October 7. Your RSA will be in contact with you if your project or agency has data that requires your attention (ex.  … Read more

Fall is Here, Time to Kick (Your Data Quality) Into Gear


In early October, ICA’s Regional System Administrators (RSAs) will be busy pulling reports for your projects and analyzing data for Federal Fiscal Year 2019, which runs October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019. Your RSA will be contacting you if your data needs some sort of attention (missing, errors, we need clarification, etc.). Please set  … Read more

Spotlight on a User: What’s Your Data Quality Plan?

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Agencies all across the state are working with individuals and families to help them find safe, secure housing. It is a driving force behind the work that many HMIS users do. One such agency, Washington County Community Services (WCCS), provides homeless outreach throughout Washington County, emergency shelter support, and front door and telephonic support for  … Read more