How to Make Sure a Client Record is Closed


CLOSED client records are NOT shared statewide in HMIS and they exist because the clients have refused to sign the Release of Information (ROI). It’s important to know how to properly create a CLOSED profile for a client that chooses to opt out of sharing their data statewide in HMIS. The 3-Step Rule for Making  … Read more

Client Location and Mini Data Quality Clean Up

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When we reviewed our Federal Fiscal Year 2019 data quality clean up results, we saw that most things had improved greatly, thanks to your hard work! Unfortunately, we are still seeing many Client Location errors. If Client Location is missing or incorrect, the client’s stay will be kicked out of LSA and SPM reports, resulting  … Read more

Data Entry Tip: Don’t remove clients from households in ServicePoint

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We’ve recently seen some questions on the Helpdesk about households in ServicePoint, and wanted to run a quick article on two common situations. We’re seeing households in the households tab that either don’t match the current in-real-life family or where an agency has removed a household member from a household that another agency created.  Tip  … Read more

New Program User Guides

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Our team is excited to share with you our new HMIS Program User Guides! These guides are designed to be easy-to-follow and lay out the data entry and reporting steps you should take to be compliant with your program (in other words, make sure your data pulls accurately into your program reports!). They are not  … Read more