There’s a New Weekly COVID-19 News Alert


ICA is publishing a weekly Friday news alert with information related to COVID-19 and the role of HMIS. We know this is a busy and challenging time for homeless service providers, so this weekly news alert will be focused on the information you need to know about what ICA is doing to help agencies and  … Read more

ICA Developing Tools for COVID-19 Response


In response to the recent pandemic, ICA is developing two tools to assist you with managing this situation on-the-ground and lessen the threat:  A COVID-19 Survey  Alert System  First, we are developing an optional COVID-19 Survey within a client’s entry in Service Point (HMIS). The focus of this survey is to document results of a COVID-19 screening, if  … Read more

HMIS Release of Information (ROI) and Verbal Consent

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As many agencies are moving to phone-only interviews and meetings with clients, ICA has received several questions about obtaining verbal consent for a release of information (ROI).   A signature is not required on the general HMIS ROI and agencies can document that verbal consent has been obtained from the client by indicating this on the signature line. While  … Read more

The Role of HMIS and COVID-19


ICA’s Response to COVID-19 As mentioned in our March 13th News Alert, ICA Minnesota staff are working 100% remotely. We are compelled to do our part in this public health emergency to reduce community impact.  Over the last week, we’ve upended normal goings on to ensure we can help folks in Minnesota use HMIS as one part  … Read more

ICA Staff Operations Update – Doing Our Part to Flatten the Curve


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, starting Monday, March 16th, 2020, ICA Minnesota staff are working 100% remotely.  What this means HMIS business as usual, just remotely. User groups, trainings, and regular in-person meeting participation will all be structured as video/phone calls. ICA staff will work from their homes and will not travel for any work-related  … Read more