Data Standards Report Updates Continue

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Per our recent news alert, we continue to update ART reports affected by the HUD Data Standards updates. Most highly used reports and reports with upcoming deadlines are fixed. As this work continues, be sure to reference the REPORTcollection for resolution status and current version.

We Hear You: ART Issues


We are aware that many users experienced issues with ART over the past few weeks. ART is an elderly, delicate tool, and is subject to slowdowns and errors especially during peak usage times. We know ART is an essential component of your work, and we want you to know that we appreciate your patience, and  … Read more

ART Folder Restructure Coming Monday, September 24th

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Tired of navigating an ART folder structure that looks like this? Image credit: On Monday, September 24th the ART folder restructure will be complete. ICA is re-vamping the structure of report folders in ART to make finding reports simpler and more intuitive. The folder structure and report names will look different and a report  … Read more

Coming Soon! ART Folder Restructure

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Have you ever logged into ART to run a report, only to spend frustrating minutes (hours?) trying to locate it? Read on!  ICA is re-vamping the structure of report folders in ART to make finding reports simpler and more intuitive. The folder structure and report names will look different. A report code prefix will be appended to the start of the report  … Read more

System News Will Alert Users to ART Refresh Failures


Our team is actively monitoring ART refresh/build failures and will now be posting that information in System News in HMIS by 9am (if overnight refresh failed) and by 2:30pm (if mid-day refresh failed) to alert our HMIS users upon login to the system. System News will be added to report ART refresh failures Monday through  … Read more

ART is a Little Glitchy, Don’t Get Twitchy!

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ART Rebuild Fails. A little HMIS behind-the-scenes knowledge: ART, our Advanced Reporting Tool, undergoes a system refresh twice each day. Any new or altered data entry you complete is always reflected in the next refresh. Recently, ART refreshes have been delayed and occasionally failed. This means that the data entry isn’t reflected until the following  … Read more

We’re Back from Iowa!

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Thank you for your patience in our team’s absence last week! Although it was tough to be away, we had a great time collaborating with our ICA team members working on HMIS across the country. We also learned about the reporting tool Qlik that will replace ART.  Our software developer, Mediware, is working diligently to  … Read more

How do the Changes to the Data Standards Impact Reports?

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Although we have updated your ServicePoint Assessments and Data Collection Forms to reflect the changes and new language for the Federal Data Standards, the reports are not automatically updated. Funder Reports (including Funder Data Quality Reports) will be updated prior to your next report due date, starting in January 2016. The Data Quality reports (found  … Read more

Looking for your ART Reports? Open the SSA Report Gallery (Secure) Folder!


We are moving all your favorite ART reports under a new folder “SSA Report Gallery (Secure).” All the reports located in this folder are designed and maintained by your State System Administrator, Wilder Research. As other people (like your CoC Coordinator or Local System Administrator) may be writing new reports, we wanted to give them  … Read more