Submitting Emergency Services Program (ESP) Reports using the CAPER and Sage

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In October 2017, programs that receive Emergency Services Program (ESP) funding from the state’s Office of Economic Opportunity transitioned to using the ESG CAPER to report their outcomes from HMIS. The CAPER, which can be found in the Report Dashboard in HMIS, produces a set of CSV files that are uploaded to the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository. DHS OEO is currently in the process of sending out Sage upload links to grantees.



The ESG CAPER report is also the primary tool ESP projects should use to check their data quality. Required data elements, such as client demographics and income, can be checked for errors using the CAPER. Unlike the ART reports that were used previously to check data quality, the CAPER does not require users to wait before they can see the impact of their data corrections.