State Fiscal Year Changes Coming Soon

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This email is to give you a heads up on HMIS Fiscal Year Changes that will impact your data collection and data entry processes. Fiscal Year Changes are determined by Minnesota’s HMIS and funders. These are relatively minor changes compared to the database changes of 2014. We are busy updating your data collection forms, your data entry instruction documents, and reports to accommodate these changes. They will be ready for your use on July 1, 2015 and posted on

We will be sending additional communication as we approach July 1, 2015. Some key changes to note:

  • Most users will see their ServicePoint “role” switch from Agency Admin to Case Manager III. This will not impact your normal ServicePoint use and access, it will simply limit your ability to change certain settings in the backend of ServicePoint.
  • Minnesota Housing FHPAP projects are no longer required to complete the Self-Sufficiency Matrix.
  • A new veteran question will be added “Has client been referred to the Homeless Veteran Registry?” as a Minnesota Universal Data Element to be completed for veteran clients only.
  • All projects will now use the HUD Verification Process to complete the initial sub-assessment entry for the following sub-assessments: Health Insurance, Disability, Monthly Income, and Non-Cash Benefits.

Please be on the lookout for additional communication!

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