RHY Upload Period is October 28th – November 15th

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The data upload submission period for RHY grantees will be 10/28/19 – 11/15/19.

  • There were two known errors with the export, one on Monday 10/28/19 that prevented upload, and an error in the projectcoc.csv:state, but both should now be resolved. If you uploaded your data prior to Wednesday, October 30th, you should re-export and upload your data. 
  • If you have a new grant number, please email it to the ICA Helpdesk along with your grant dates.
  • Data uploaded should be for 10/1/18 – 9/30/19 (remember the Rhymis export does not require you to add a day as ART does).
  • You will upload BCP Emergency Shelter and Prevention data in separate files.
  • You will need one zipped set of files per grant number, if you have multiple providers for one grant number (an example of this is if you have one grant number, but are in multiple CoCs), please email the Helpdesk and we will set up a reporting group for you if you don’t already have one.
  • Do not edit the zipped files, doing so is likely to cause errors with your upload.
  • The RHY-HMIS support team (not ICA) should have sent your agency a RHYPoint username and password by 10/14/19. If you did not receive one, or have difficulties with that please contact the RHY Service Desk.
  • For more information on the reports and uploads, please see our User Guide; or RHY Service Desk.
  • The upload portal can be found here.