RHY Spring 2019 Upload Period Currently Open – Closes Friday, May 10th

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The RHY upload period closes Friday, May 10th. Contact the RHYMIS Service Desk if you have not received your login information for the upload portal. Data from 10/1/18 – 3/31/19 should be uploaded to RHYPoint.

  • Grantees can run the 0263 RHY Data Quality Report to review their data before exporting. Each project type should be exported separately. For more details on Data Quality Reports and the RHYMIS Export, please see the RHY User Guide on our website. 
  • Each Grant ID will have a separate export. If you have multiple providers for a single Grant ID, we’ll need to create a reporting group for them to use for the export (if this has not already been done). 
  • Please do not edit the CSV files manually, as it can cause errors in the submission. 
  • Our Helpdesk can assist you if you have questions about data quality cleanup or exporting your data, but for questions about the upload process itself, or to get login information for RHYPoint, you will need to contact the RHYMIS ServiceDesk athttp://www.rhymisservicedesk.net
  • If you have not yet sent us your RHY Grant numbers (along with start and end dates), please send those to the Helpdesk so that we can ensure they will be included in your RHYMIS Export.