ICA has worked to implement and refine a project management process since late 2017, with the goal of better understanding and managing the work on our plate.  As a part of this process, each project – which is time-limited and produces one or more concrete deliverables – is scoped out, formally approved, and assigned a project team.  Every project team includes a Project Lead to drive the work and a Management Champion available for guidance, and most projects include one or more additional team members.


Projects come in different shapes, including Coordinated Entry changes, federal reports (such as the PIT and System Performance Measures), and pilot projects.  They also come in different sizes, with smaller projects taking as little as 10 hours and many large projects taking well over 100 hours.  Projects are also distinct from our ongoing or day-to-day work, like operating the Helpdesk or meeting with stakeholders.


ICA has completed several dozen projects since we’ve started tracking and managing projects in this way.  We are striving to be as transparent as possible about what we’re working on, and as we continue refining our process we will add more detailed information to this page.  To start, take a look below at a live list of the projects actively on our plate!