PIT HMIS Data Entry Deadline Approaching, Here’s What We Expect from You

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The Point-in-Time Count took place on Wednesday, January 23rd. All Emergency Shelter, Safe Haven, and Transitional Housing providers are included in this count, regardless of funding source. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to complete that HMIS data entry! Your deadline is Thursday, February 14th.

What Can You Expect from RSAs to Guide You?

Targeted Corrections: The week of February 17th, you will receive an email from your Regional System Administrator (RSA) with a tailored list of needed data corrections from PIT night, including what to prioritize.

Reference Materials: To assist with clean up, you’ll also receive a Data Corrections Guide with step-by-step instructions (located on our website soon).

Deadlines: You have until Thursday, March 7th to make corrections, which completes Review #1.

Support: RSAs will then review corrections and reach out again if there are outstanding issues.

Here’s What We Expect from You

Completeness: We expect HMIS data entry for the night of the PIT to be complete to the extent possible. You can proactively check by running the following reports in ART (both recently re-released with improved data quality checks):

MIN-00-DQR-060 – 0630 Sheltered PIT

MIN-00-DQR-059 – MN-Specific Sheltered PIT

Responsiveness: Be sure your contact information with us is up-to-date. Watch for and respond promptly to our communications; we appreciate when you acknowledge receipt (and the hello!).

Prioritization: Devote time in your schedule to this clean up. If your data looks good, then you’re giving yourself the gift of time!

PIT Count Outside HMIS

The Unsheltered Count and Sheltered Count that occurs outside HMIS shares the data entry deadline of February 14th (though local deadlines may be earlier). Look to your CoC Coordinators for guidance.

Tools to Help Increase Awareness: PIT in the Media

ICA has compiled a media toolkit to help our partners engage the media to bring increased awareness to the 2019 PIT. See the PIT page of our website for more details: https://hmismn.org/point-in-time-count/.

If you had local media coverage, send our way and we’ll showcase on our website!

Questions? Contact our Helpdesk at mnhmis@icalliances.org.