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New ICA Reports for Project Rating & Ranking 2019 

Scoring Tool report

For the FY2019 NOFA, ICA created an ART report, the 238 NOFA Scoring Tool report, to support CoCs in project-level performance review processes. The report compiles scoring criteria from all Minnesota’s CoCs and shows data at the provider level.

The report manual also contains instructions for running companion ART reports that can be used for project-level performance review, the 054 Returns to Homelessness report and the 241 CES Housing Provider Audit report.

This short instruction video will guide your CoC project review committee through the report to enable you to quickly adopt this tool.

Returns to Homelessness report

The enhanced 054 Returns to Homelessness report and manual is now released and available for use. The 054 demonstrates, by provider, group, or CoC, the rate of returns to homelessness for clients previously served. It accounts for statewide returns to homelessness, and displays both returns from exits to permanent destinations and returns from exits to any destination. It also contains several tables with demographic characteristics.