Upcoming Helpdesk Closures

The Helpdesk will be closed on Tuesday, September 18th and Monday, October 1st as our System Administrators prepare for the upcoming LSA. We will still be monitoring for password resets on the days that the Helpdesk is closed and will have extra Helpdesk staff scheduled on other days. Please plan accordingly.

CES Monitoring Report – Beta Release!

We are excited to announce the beta release of the CES Monitoring Report! The release of this report marks another step forward in the HMIS implementation of coordinated entry. We are proud to translate the two HMIS workflows across the state into one common report for all regions (that’s 12 priority lists!). The CES Monitoring  … Read more

Updated 2018 NOFA Resources

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We have posted updated versions of some of the 2018 NOFA resources on our website:  ICA Resources for Project Rating Ranking 2018 Returns to Homelessness Quick Guide 2018 v4

Help Your HMIS Helpdesk Helper Help You


Our Helpdesk receives many support requests every day and strives to resolve issues as quickly as possible so HMIS users can continue with their work. We have identified some useful information you can include in your initial email to our Helpdesk in an effort to help us troubleshoot any issues you experience more quickly!  Client ID   … Read more

Coming Soon! ART Folder Restructure

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Have you ever logged into ART to run a report, only to spend frustrating minutes (hours?) trying to locate it? Read on!  ICA is re-vamping the structure of report folders in ART to make finding reports simpler and more intuitive. The folder structure and report names will look different. A report code prefix will be appended to the start of the report  … Read more

The Helpdesk Will Be Closed Monday, September 3rd

The Helpdesk will be closed Monday, September 3rd for Labor Day and will re-open on Tuesday, September 4th.  We will have extra Helpdesk staff scheduled on Friday, August 31st and Tuesday, September 4th. Please plan accordingly. 

Important Notice About HMIS User License Violations


ICA has seen an uptick in HMIS user license policy violations lately. All users sign a User Policy, Responsibility Statement, and Code of Ethics before gaining access to HMIS and must abide by the User Responsibilities outlined in this document. ICA takes data security very seriously and will sanction users that have violated the user  … Read more

FHPAP Demographics and Entry Data Check Report is Back!


Upon detailed review of the current FHPAP Counting Reports released in October 2017, the previously retired Demographics and Entry Data Check report has been unretired. It can now be used for data checking for all FHPAP programs. It is located in ART under SSA Report Gallery> FHPAP Data Checking. Please email the Helpdesk with any questions!

State of the HMIS 2018: A Letter from the Director

Dear HMIS Users and Stakeholders, Last month we celebrated ICA’s second anniversary here in Minnesota. In light of this milestone and in keeping with the precedent set last year, I thought it appropriate to again take stock of where we are and where we’re going. We at ICA come to work every day because we  … Read more