FHPAP Reports are due Friday, February 1st

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FHPAP reports are due to Minnesota Housing Finance Agency on February 1st for both the Quarter 6 reporting period (10/1/18 – 12/31/18) and the biennium-to-date reporting period (7/1/17 – 12/31/18). Note that this is when reports are due to MHFA. Each agency receiving these funds should refer to their respective FHPAP grantee for the specific  … Read more

New Policy Regarding Merge Requests


We have a new internal policy that requires, at minimum, two of the three fields to be an exact match prior to processing a merge request. First and Last Name SSN, and Date of Birth If two are an exact match, the third component cannot blatantly contradict the other (see the third example below). This  … Read more

Point-In-Time Count Approaching!


The Point-In-Time (PIT) Count is fast approaching. This year’s PIT night is January 23, 2019.This annual count of people experiencing homelessness involves HMIS users, ICA staff, CoC Coordinators, and volunteers. This is a truly communal effort, as folks from around Minnesota in our sector work together to take a one-night snapshot of the state of  … Read more

Upcoming Helpdesk Closures


The Helpdesk will be closed on Monday, December 31st and Tuesday, January 1st for the New Year’s holiday. We will have extra Helpdesk staff scheduled on other days. Please plan accordingly.

HTHP Quarterly Reports Due January 15th, 2019

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Quarterly reports for DHS HTHP programs are due January 15th, 2019 for the Q6 report period from 10/1/18 – 12/31/18. The following reports should be run and submitted directly to DHS: DHS HTHP Demographics Counting Report DHS HTHP Outcomes Counting Report See the DHS-HTHP HMIS User Guide for more information.

High Priority Homeless Eligibility Confirmation Report Now Available!

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Starting January 1, 2019, existing MN Housing LTH providers have the option to utilize “High Priority Homeless” eligibility criteria (new developments are required to use HPH). In order for providers to verify they are meeting this eligibility criteria for each enrolled client, ICA has developed a report that provides evidence that individual clients were referred  … Read more