New APR and CAPER Format

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As of Tuesday morning, the new CoC-APR 2018 and ESG CAPER (HDS V1.3) 2018 are available in ServicePoint. What do I need to know? The previous versions of the reports are still available. If you started an APR in Sage before 10/1/18, you need to submit using the previous format (CoC-APR). Primarily, changes were made  … Read more

Please Join Us at the 2018 HMIS Annual Meeting!

The 2018 HMIS Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 from 1:30 – 3:30pm and we invite you to attend. We already have 43 attendees but there is still time to register to attend either in person or via GoToWebinar. You can view the Annual Meeting invitation and driving/parking directions here. The meeting agenda can be found here. Attendees  … Read more

ART Folder Restructure Is Complete!

Notice anything different? The ART Folder Restructure is complete! You poured yourself your morning cup of coffee, logged into ServicePoint, and opened ART, only to find this in the SSA Report Gallery : ICA re-vamped the structure of report folders in ART to make finding reports simpler and more intuitive. The folder structure and report  … Read more

Help Us Help You: HMIS User License Billing


We know that tracking HMIS user licenses and invoices can be cumbersome for agencies so we have been working on ways to make the billing process easier for you. We recently set up an email address specifically for HMIS user license billing inquiries. Need to know whether we have received the payment you sent for  … Read more

Join Us At the Hennepin CoC HMIS User Group


What is it? The Hennepin CoC User Group is a monthly meeting held by ICA to support and inform Hennepin HMIS users on what is new and upcoming. We work to provide in-person opportunities for trainings, questions, and other discussions about what is happening in HMIS in our community. Who is it for? Any HMIS  … Read more

DHS HTHP Quarterly Reports Due October 15th

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Quarterly reports for DHS HTHP programs are due October 15th, 2018 for the Q5 report period from 7/1/18 – 9/30/18. The following reports should be run and submitted directly to DHS: DHS HTHP Demographics Counting Report DHS HTHP Outcomes Counting Report See the DHS-HTHP HMIS User Guide for more information. Note: this User Guide shows  … Read more

ART Folder Restructure Coming Monday, September 24th

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Tired of navigating an ART folder structure that looks like this? Image credit: On Monday, September 24th the ART folder restructure will be complete. ICA is re-vamping the structure of report folders in ART to make finding reports simpler and more intuitive. The folder structure and report names will look different and a report  … Read more

PIT 2018 Infographics Available

Check out full analysis of the 2018 PIT results, complete with pictures!  Explore racial disparities in Minnesota homelessness and find out how Minnesota’s homeless population breaks down by age, race, and gender.  Individual graphics for each CoC are also available.