New Data Collection Forms!

All Data Collection Forms (Entry, Update, and Exit) are posted and available for you to use with the new HUD Data Standards that go into effect October 1, 2016. We will be updating the ServicePoint assessments starting tomorrow evening (9/30) to align with these changes as well.   Location of New Forms (Same place as  … Read more

Recertification Process for all Current HMIS Users

Step 1: Watch these two training videos. Required for all HMIS Users HUD Data Standards PowerPoint Statewide Data Sharing in Minnesota PowerPoint October 1 2016 Federal HUD Fiscal year Change Document for Users – Another resource for you to understand the HUD data standards changes Step 2: Optional. Watch program specific training videos as a refresher! Optional, but strongly  … Read more

LTH Report Update

As we noted in our last newsletter, we’ve received a number of Helpdesk questions from you, our attentive and committed HMIS users, about errors in the State Program reports, LTH in particular, that were created prior to our transition into the role of HMIS Lead Agency and State System Administrator. We appreciate you bringing these  … Read more

New User Training – Under Construction

As we hope you’ve heard via our newsletters, due to significant changes with Minnesota’s HMIS, including statewide data sharing and the new HUD data standards, we will be suspending online New User Training beginning today, August 19. We want to provide additional information regarding this decision and answer some questions.  

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Answers to Frequent FHPAP Questions


This news article was intended to be time-limited, but we’ve noticed it continue to be a resource for data correction. While we figure out a new home for data correction information, please note this article reflects report due dates and reports from June 23, 2016 and has not been updated to reflect new information. FHPAP  … Read more

Restructure Complete and Wilder Farewell

This message was emailed by Wilder Research to the HMIS community to provide you with important information regarding the System Administrator transition and restructure. First, as of 11:59 pm tonight Wilder is no longer your HMIS State System Administrator. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you in our collective fight to end homelessness in Minnesota.  … Read more

Minnesota Joint Transition Letter

TO: All Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Users and Stakeholders FROM: David Eberbach and Demetri Vincze, Institute for Community Alliances Mike Manhard, on behalf of the Minnesota HMIS Interim Governing Board DATE: May 24, 2016 RE: Administration of the Minnesota Homeless Management Information System As you may know, the HMIS Governing Board recently voted to  … Read more

HMIS Downtime Starting May 25 at 4pm for Restructure

ServicePoint will be down from Wednesday, May 25 at 4pm through Saturday, May 28 at 12:00pm. We are completing “Phase 2” of a monumental restructure that started with “Phase 1” in March 2015. We will send you another email when Phase 2 is complete and you are able to login again. There are no training  … Read more