Housing Inventory Count 2020

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Housing Inventory Counts (otherwise known as the HIC) are due April 30th, 2020. As that date approaches, you may receive information or questions from either your CoC Coordinator or RSA. Please try to address these asks accurately and quickly. It is very important that the information on the HIC be as up to date and  … Read more

Spotlight on a User: Improving Agency Data Quality

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In 2019, several agencies were awarded Data Quality Incentives funds from the HMIS Governing Board to help them address their agency’s data quality challenges and create lasting improvements. In this edition of Spotlight on a User, Sarah Broich, Single Adult Program Manager at Simpson Housing Services, shares her insights from the Adult Shelter Connect’s data  … Read more

HMIS Reporting Tool Transition FAQs

Tools change. Technology changes. Some parts of HMIS may change soon. ICA will be there to guide the way. So, what is wrong, exactly? ART is old and unsupported. Its functionality depends on the compatibility of legacy versions of several internet applications.  WellSky will sunset this reporting tool soon, but we don’t know when. ICA  … Read more

HMIS Reporting Tool Transition Planning

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Tools change. Technology changes. Some parts of HMIS may change soon. ICA will be there to guide the way. ICA and the HMIS Governing Board would like to update our community on the latest with HMIS reporting tools, ART and Qlik: ICA is preparing for the eventuality of an HMIS reporting tool transition. Today our  … Read more

A QDQ Thank You

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Wow. You amaze us. 928 projects (60%) submitted scores for Q4 2019! Thank you for your commitment to excellent data quality. Miss this deadline? You will have another opportunity come spring! Start planning ahead and check out the Quarterly Data Quality page for future dates. Was this a bumpy road for you? Please drop us  … Read more

PIT Data Corrections: Here’s What Agencies Need to Know

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The Point-in-Time Count took place on Wednesday, January 22nd. All Emergency Shelter, Safe Haven, and Transitional Housing providers are included in this count, regardless of funding source. Now that data entry into HMIS has occurred, the next steps of this process will be around data corrections. For HMIS: What Can You Expect from Your Regional  … Read more