RHY Data Submission Update

See update: https://hmismn.org/rhy-exportimport-update/ As you have probably heard, the RHY Repository will be open to accept uploads from Grantees during the window of April 11th to April 29th. We’d like to share some updates with you about this submission period as it relates to HMIS: RHY Project Setup In order to ensure that RHY-funded projects  … Read more

HIC Support for CoC Coordinators and Local System Administrators (LSAs)

As in previous years, Wilder has set of resources to help you and your agencies with this year’s Housing Inventory Count (HIC). These resources can assist with creating a roster of projects for your HIC as well as accurately calculating beds and units. Consistency between the HIC and HMIS, as well as amongst agencies’ projects  … Read more

New Data on Homelessness in Minnesota

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The triennial statewide homeless study conducted by Wilder Research has just been published. “2015 study finds 9,312 homeless people in Minnesota. This is a 9 percent decrease from the previous study in 2012 – the first decrease since 2006.” View more details online and download the fact sheet. Also read the Star Tribune’s article, Minnesota homeless  … Read more

RHY Workflow and User Role Changes

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This item is for projects receiving funding from HHS-RHY (Health and Human Services Runaway Homeless Youth). New RHY Data Entry and Reporting Instructions (November 2015) reflect the FYSB request that clients not be entered as “anonymous” or “unnamed,” as well as instructions on adding RHY Services and Referrals.  Also check out our 30-minute RHY Video  … Read more

Decode ServicePoint Provider Names


For the ServicePoint database, a provider is a technical term for a mechanism used to organize data into groups for data entry and reporting purposes. Providers are the heart of ServicePoint. Understanding your agency’s providers and where to enter your client data is crucial to client confidentiality and correct reporting. The Provider Naming Convention document  … Read more

Easy Way to Track 2016 Report Due Dates


Having trouble keeping track of all your report due dates? And which reports are due? We just released 2 one-pagers for your mandated funder report due dates. These are designed to help YOU coordinate and help US plan for busy Helpdesk weeks! HMIS Reporting Requirements for Users – Reports Due Between 1/1/16 – 6/30/16 HMIS  … Read more

Final Rule on “Chronically Homeless” by HUD

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Read HUD’s new definition of “Chronically Homeless”  and find out what these changes mean for your project.  The new regulation was published on December 4th, 2015 and CoC recipients must comply with the rule starting January 15th 2016. In summary: The webinar explains the documentation requirements for chronic homelessness and how to calculate length of time homeless.  … Read more

2015 CoC Housing Inventory Count (HIC) Reports Posted

HUD has posted the 2015 Continuum of Care (CoC) Housing Inventory Count (HIC) Reports on the HUD Exchange. These reports provide a snapshot of a CoC’s HIC, an inventory of housing conducted annually during the last ten days in January, and are available at the national and state level, as well as for each CoC.  … Read more

Guess how many Data Quality reports we sent in 2015!


Part of our role as your State System Administrator is to administer the data quality process for the state of Minnesota. Dol Hassan, a member of our HMIS State System Administrator team, manages our data quality process and runs all the reports that get sent to your CoC coordinator. That prompts your CoC coordinator to  … Read more

Analyzing the ESG CAPER (2015 BETA) for HUD-ESG-DHS OEO

Who should read this post? As stated in an October 23 post, Bowman released the new ESG CAPER in beta mode in late October. For most HUD-ESG projects, you do not have to worry about the ESG CAPER until 2016. That will allow us time to thoroughly analyze the new ESG CAPER and prepare detailed  … Read more