HHS PATH Quarterly Reports Due July 31st


Quarterly reports for HHS PATH programs are due July 31st for the Q4 report period from 4/1/18 – 6/30/18. Reports should be submitted to SAMHSA via PATH PDX See the HHS-PATH HMIS User Guide for more information.

Core Report UAT and Release

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  Thanks to our user testers! THANK YOU to the many HMIS users who took time from their days to test the Core report. The feedback you provided was insightful and will serve to strengthen our product. We appreciate your discerning eye and devotion to the work! While we cannot accommodate every suggestion, we are  … Read more

DHS HTHP Quarterly Reports Due July 15th

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Quarterly reports for DHS-HTHP programs are due July 15th, 2018 for the Q4 report period from 4/1/18 – 6/30/18. The following reports can be found in the HTHP (DHS Youth Transitions) ART folder: DHS HTHP Demographics Counting Report DHS HTHP Outcomes Counting Report Users should run, review, and re-run these reports once corrections are made  … Read more

The Helpdesk Will Be Closed Wednesday, July 4th


The Helpdesk will be closed Wednesday, July 4th for the holiday and re-open on Thursday, July 5th. We will have extra Helpdesk staff scheduled on Tuesday, July 3rd and Thursday, July 5th. Please plan accordingly.

New Newsletter Section: Report Due Dates


Our newsletter has a new Report Due Dates section! This section will feature reminders for most federal and state homeless programs about reports that are due in the upcoming  3-4 weeks. We will be letting you know due dates, which reports to run for which time period, and how to submit them. Some things to  … Read more

2018 Minnesota Data Standards Changes – New Training Resources


TRAINING AND SUPPORT DATA COLLECTION FORMS, USER GUIDES, ETC. Updated Data Collection Forms, User Guides, and other training materials will be available by July 1st, 2018 on our Forms and Instructions page. TRAINING MATERIALS Read through our full article on 2018 MN Data Standards Changes Watch the 2018 MN Data Standards Changes Training (PPT) Review  … Read more

New User Training Registration Closed

Registration for New User Training is closed until the morning of July 9 for maintenance. All those currently enrolled in our New User Training must submit their Training Completion Form no later than June 25. If unable to do so, trainees will need to start their training over again on July 9.