New APR Visualization Tool

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On April 1st, HUD transitioned to a new version of the Annual Performance Report for projects funded through the CoC Program. Providers now submit their APRs to HUD through Sage.

If you have downloaded this report, you know that it looks a bit different than the PDF or Excel file you used to manually enter data for previous submissions. This report downloads as a .zip file. If you take a look inside, you’ll find 65 CSV files.  (A Comma-separated values file stores a table of data, and each of the 65 files corresponds to one table in the new APR. You might think of it like an Excel file with only one sheet and none of the fancy stuff like fonts, borders, formulas, or conditional formatting.)

Before you submit your data to HUD via Sage, try the new APR Visualization Tool to upload your APR .zip file and check out the data with graphs! This is NOT required and is only intended to be a resource to help you better understand your data.

In the future, you can launch this tool from the Wisconsin page of our website: Just choose the “Explore Your APR” menu option.