New APR to be Released by November 1

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Bowman is currently developing a new APR (Annual Progress Report) expected to be released November 1, 2015. All APRs due on or after November 1 will be expected to use this new report. If you have an APR due in October, you will still use the current APR in ART; make sure to submit your APR on time to avoid having to switch reporting systems!

Highlights of the New APR

  • This report will return to a ServicePoint report, moving away from ART (Advanced Reporting Tool) report. This will allow for “up-to-the-minute” reporting as changes will be immediately available on the report.
  • This report will have new breakout sections for Youth, Veterans, and Chronic Homeless
  • You can download as an Excel file for easier manual data entry into e-snaps.

*Update*  10/27/2015: Although the new APR will be ready for use in ServicePoint, HUD announced a delay in the ability for e-snaps to accept the new APR format. As a result, agencies are instructed to continue to use the existing APR currently available in ART until further notice (January 2016 at the earliest). If you have an APR due in 2015, you will use the existing APR to submit to e-snaps.