LTH Report Update

As we noted in our last newsletter, we’ve received a number of Helpdesk questions from you, our attentive and committed HMIS users, about errors in the State Program reports, LTH in particular, that were created prior to our transition into the role of HMIS Lead Agency and State System Administrator. We appreciate you bringing these issues to our attention and want to give you an update on the status of these reports.
Significant updates:
  • LTH Housing Cost and Subsidy Counting V.2016.0 replaces LTH Housing Cost and Subsidy V.2015.1
  • LTH Housing Cost and Subsidy Data Check V.2016.0 replaces 5. LTH Housing Cost & Subsidy Data Check V.2015.1
    • Note: the new data check version includes the same tabs as the counting report, but includes data check tables as well

Minor updates:

  • LTH Household Residence V.2016.0 replaces LTH Household Residence V.2015.2
  • 4. LTH Household Residence Data Check V.2016.0 replaces 4. LTH Household Residence Data Check V.2015.1

Please note that these changes were intended to address significant issues and therefore some minor issues may remain.  We have notified the funder about the status of these reports and they will be providing additional communication on the topic in the coming days.

With an eye on the long term, we would also like to inform you that a new reporting tool is coming in the next few months, which will require us to rebuild reports that are currently in ART. We will be taking full advantage of this opportunity to rebuild State Program reports from scratch so that moving forward we can all be confident that these reports are accurately reflecting what is entered into HMIS. Thank you for your continued patience throughout this period of transition for Minnesota’s HMIS.