Lose an HMIS User? You MUST Let Us Know Within 24 Hours!

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Did one of your HMIS users leave your agency or just transition to another role where they will not be using HMIS? You MUST let ICA know within 24 hours so we can make their user license inactive and remove their access to HMIS. Per the Agency Agreement and the HMIS Policies, agencies are responsible for the actions of their users and for helping to maintain the security and confidentiality of HMIS information. ICA takes data security very seriously and we need agencies to keep us updated on their user changes to prevent unauthorized access to HMIS.

Need to report a user change? Contact our Helpdesk and let us know who no longer needs an HMIS license, and we will follow up with you if any additional information is needed. Please contact the Helpdesk instead of your RSA to ensure that we receive the information as soon as possible. You can even let us know of upcoming user departures! Just contact the Helpdesk and let them know what day and time the user should be deactivated.

Note: Although you are able to indicate on the New User Training Registration Form that the new user will be taking over a license from a previous user, this is not considered sufficient notification to ICA that another user has left your agency. Your answer on that form doesn’t tell us whether the old user has left already or will still be using the license up until the new user completes training.

We appreciate your help in protecting HMIS data security!