How to Make Sure a Client Record is Closed


CLOSED client records are NOT shared statewide in HMIS and they exist because the clients have refused to sign the Release of Information (ROI). It’s important to know how to properly create a CLOSED profile for a client that chooses to opt out of sharing their data statewide in HMIS.

The 3-Step Rule for Making Sure a Client Record is Closed

1. Write ‘NOT SHARED’ in the ‘Alias’ field on the Client Profile; OR leave it blank.

2. Click on the ‘Lock Box’ on the Top Right of the Client Profile page to open the Visibility Setting.

  • If you see ‘Statewide Data Sharing Group’ that means the record is still shared

3. Click on the Red icon to REMOVE ‘Statewide Data Sharing’. IF you are UNABLE to do so, please contact the Helpdesk immediately.