HMIS Governance

The HMIS Interim Governing Board and its committees were established to help usher in the transition to a new HMIS Lead Agency and State System Administrator, Institute for Community Alliances, in mid-2016. The descriptions below originate from a newsletter sent to HMIS users and stakeholders on August 19, 2016.

Please review the descriptions below of HMIS committees and workgroups, who is leading them, and when they meet.  As you review, please consider getting involved in HMIS planning by either attending meetings, being added to email distribution lists, or joining one of the workgroups.  Please note that all meetings are open to the public—please contact the chair to get involved.


HMIS Governing Board

Transition note: The HMIS Interim Governing Board had its last meeting on March 13, 2017.  The board transitioned to a permanent HMIS Governing Board in April 2017.  Interim Governing Board minutes are available here.


  • Provide strategic planning, policies, and priorities for the administration of the HMIS program.
  • Develop and approve a system-wide budget for the HMIS program.
  • Develop resources to meet HMIS program budget needs.
  • Coordinate decision-making among the CoCs and other stakeholders related to designation of the Lead Agency/Statewide System Administrator (LA/SSA).
  • Resolve issues as they arise related to the HMIS program and participate in annual review of the performance of the designated LA/SSA.
  • Direct all public communications related to the HMIS program.
  • Advise key stakeholders on the use of HMIS program data for research purposes to enable the production of jurisdictional reports, including the reporting needed to meet state and HUD requirements.
  • Establish and maintain a grievance policy that is understood and trusted by all constituencies.
  • Ensure system compliance with HUD and legislative mandates.
  • Appoint members and officers of the HMIS Governing Board, consistent with protocols established by the HGB.
  • Serve as a forum for broader stakeholder engagement, program coordination, policy, planning, and operation of HMIS program.

Chair: Joel Salzer, 651-296-9828,

Meets: 2nd Monday of the month from 9:30am-12:30pm at DHS (444 LaFayette—5th floor) and via iTV and conference call. Please note, if planning to attend in person, please contact Joel to ensure a name badge is prepared for you in advance.

Meeting documents

2018-19 HMIS Governing Board Roster


HMIS Governing Board Executive Committee

Transition note: The HMIS Interim Governing Board Executive Committee held its last meeting on March 13, 2017.  The Interim Executive Committee transitioned to a permanent Executive Committee in April 2017.

Purpose/Description: Help oversee and expedite the process of planning for and management of the HMIS Lead Agency (LA) / State System Administrator (SSA).  The Executive Committee will help provide timely direction and be the primary point of contact for key stakeholders (ICA, HUD, HMIS Committees/Workgroups, etc.).  Executive Committee decisions will be reported to the HGB at the next scheduled meeting.

Chair: Joel Salzer, 651-296-9828,


HMIS Finance Committee


  • Expand and take responsibility for the current 2017-18 budget.
  • Identify resources to support expenses and expectations (what do we get with what we buy) as laid out in the Annual Workplan.
  • Recommend future budget (needed to support the HMIS model we are pursuing).
  • Recommend any changes to the finance plan to support the budget, including:
    • A “fair share” plan for each region/funder to contribute a proportionate amount to support HMIS.
    • Guidance for how local regions might secure additional funding.
  • Monitor income and expenses and suggest appropriate action to the board.
  • Coordinate work with the Policy and Prioritization Committee to develop recommendations for adjustments to priorities in the Workplan as may be indicated by finances.
  • Monitor State contracts.
  • Recommend/support fundraising activities.
  • Report to HGB.

Chair: Abby Guilford, 763-458-9790,

Meets: 4th Wednesday of the month from 1-3 pm at DHS (444 LaFayette) and via GoToMeeting and conference call.  Please note, if planning to attend in person, please contact Abby to ensure a name badge is prepared for you in advance.

Meeting minutes


HMIS Policy and Prioritization Committee


  • To provide a strategic level review, guidance and oversight of Minnesota’s HMIS.
  • Seek and review stakeholder feedback on HMIS operations.
  • Help establish annual system performance targets.
  • Work with SA/Lead Agency to assure and support application of the HMIS work plan, policies and priorities through:
    • High level guidance and oversight of HMIS prioritization.
    • System performance quarterly reviews and feedback.
    • Assisting SA/LA in finding solutions to improve system performance, utilization and quality functionality.

Co-Chairs: David Hewitt, 612-543-3650,; Tom Balsley, 651-431-3823,

Meets: 1st Wednesday of the month from 1-3 pm at Sabathani Community Center (310 E 38th St #200, Minneapolis, MN 55409) and via conference call.

Meeting minutes

Minnesota HMIS Lead Agency Evaluation_2017

Minnesota HMIS Project Ranking Tool_2017 DRAFT


HMIS Implementation Workgroup

Purpose/Description: Solicit input from users of HMIS regarding ease of use and implementation issues and provide recommendations to Governing Board and State System Administrator (ICA).

Co-Chairs: Kathy Berg Hanson, 651-746-3549,; Jake Gale, 612-277-0217,

Meets: 3rd Wednesday of the month from 1:30-3:00 pm at Salvation Army (2445 Prior Ave N, Roseville, MN 55113) and via conference call.

Meeting minutes


Key Documents

One of the key charges of HMIS Governance is to set and jointly approve with ICA an annual HMIS Work Plan, priorities, budget, and policies.  The Finance Committee is responsible for budget oversight and the Policy and Prioritization Committee is responsible for developing and monitoring the Work Plan.

Minnesota HMIS Annual Work Plan_2016-17

Minnesota HMIS Annual Work Plan_2017-18

Minnesota HMIS Funding Model

Minnesota HMIS Budget_2016-17

Minnesota HMIS Budget_2017-18

In addition, Governance has worked to create documents intended to increase engagement and transparency with HMIS users and stakeholders:

Minnesota HMIS Annual Calendar

Minnesota HMIS Communications Plan

Please note that these are living documents and while we will strive to update them as soon as possible, there may be some delay in updating them on the website.  Thank you for your patience!


2017 HMIS Annual Meeting

The HMIS Governing Board hosted its inaugural Annual Meeting on October 9, 2017 at DHS and by webinar.  The meeting agenda and related documents may be found below.

The recording for this meeting can be found here.