High Priority Homeless Eligibility Confirmation Report Now Available!

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Starting January 1, 2019, existing MN Housing LTH providers have the option to utilize “High Priority Homeless” eligibility criteria (new developments are required to use HPH). In order for providers to verify they are meeting this eligibility criteria for each enrolled client, ICA has developed a report that provides evidence that individual clients were referred from Coordinated Entry, and thus meet eligibility.

ICA has updated the LTH User Guide with detailed instructions on locating and pulling the HPH Eligibility Form. Refer to Pages 27-28. The video with instructions can be found here.

If there are questions about this report or you run into errors, please contact us on the Helpdesk and we will work to resolve as quickly as possible. This is a brand new report, so we want to identify and resolve any bugs as quickly as possible!

For more information about this change, an FAQ, training slides, and additional information, please refer to the MN Housing Supportive Housing Service Providers webpage.