Help Your HMIS Helpdesk Helper Help You


Our Helpdesk receives many support requests every day and strives to resolve issues as quickly as possible so HMIS users can continue with their work. We have identified some useful information you can include in your initial email to our Helpdesk in an effort to help us troubleshoot any issues you experience more quickly! 

Client ID 

If there is a specific client ID you are emailing about, please include the client ID number. Or, if you have some example client IDs for an issue you are seeing, please include an ID or two for us to look into. Please note, client identifying information should not be shared via email, so please be sure to exclude any client names, social security numbers, etc. Sending screenshots can be extremely helpful, just a reminder to obscure any PII that may be included.  

Provider ID(s) 

Many times we will need to know the provider ID number to help us troubleshoot the issue. Provider IDs can also give us clues to help us delve in further, such as the funding source or the CoC the provider operates in.                                                                              


Have a question about a report? There are a few things you can do that will help us troubleshoot! 

Let us know the name of the report and where and when you ran it. Is it an ART report or a canned report that was run in ServicePoint? This information will help us locate the report more quickly and ensure we are digging into the correct issue.  

Canned reports in ServicePoint are located here in the Provider Reports section: 

Image of ServicePoint Canned Reports

If it is an ART report: 

Schedule the report to your ART inbox.  

This will allow us to see the report exactly as you do. If you View the report, we are unable to see the report you have run.  

Schedule the report in Excel format  

We are able to much more quickly troubleshoot reporting issues when a report was run in Excel as opposed to as a PDF.