GO LIVE Date this Monday, March 23rd – Coordinated Entry Data Standards and Workflow Changes


Get ready! The 2020 HUD Coordinated Entry Data Standards and Workflow Changes GO LIVE in MN on Monday, March 23rd! The ICA project team, along with your Priority List Manager(s) and other agencies in your CoC, are preparing our system and client records for these changes. As a result, you will notice changes on Monday, March 23rd when you log in to HMIS for CES-related data entry.

Housing Providers: Starting on March 23rd, all information related to Housing Referrals should be documented in the Coordinated Entry Event sub-assessment (4.20) even if a housing referral was sent by your Priority List Manager before March 23rd. On or after March 23rd, if you are a housing provider and do not see an entry/row in the Coordinated Entry sub-assessment for an incoming housing referral, please contact your Priority List Manager as soon as possible.

Training on these new Data Standards and Workflow changes is required for any HMIS users responsible for Coordinated Entry data entry. You meet this training requirement by (1) reviewing (and bookmarking) the written instructions, and by (2) watching the entire video series.

  • New data entry written instructions for CES Assessors and Housing Providers are now available on the Coordinated Entry page of our website: HERE
  • Users will need to click on a Google Form link on our website (HERE) to gain access to view the user training videos on Vimeo, which will assist PLMs in tracking who has completed the training.
    • All videos will then be moved over to the Coordinated Entry page of our website on April 3rd for anyone to view at any time.
  • Be aware that the Coordinated Entry page on the MN HMIS website will soon look different, and may continue to evolve as we roll out these CES changes.
  • If you have any questions after watching the training videos  or attending the live webinars, please email either your Priority List Manager or the HMIS MN Helpdesk. We will have extra Helpdesk staff on-call in the next few weeks to answer your questions related to these changes.

Thank you for your hard work and attention to detail during this process. We are excited for this change and believe it will be a positive step in moving Minnesota’s Coordinated Entry work to the next level!