Fall is Here, Time to Kick (Your Data Quality) Into Gear


In early October, ICA’s Regional System Administrators (RSAs) will be busy pulling reports for your projects and analyzing data for Federal Fiscal Year 2019, which runs October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019. Your RSA will be contacting you if your data needs some sort of attention (missing, errors, we need clarification, etc.). Please set aside time to COMPLETE any remaining data entry for that time period by end of day October 4, 2019.  Your RSA(s) will be pulling data quality reports starting on Monday, October 7. So you – and we – don’t have to review the data twice, make sure it’s there!

This will be our one and only statewide push to clean-up federal fiscal year 2019 data, and this is a big lift for us all! We do this to ensure the high data quality for Minnesota’s submissions of the Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) and System Performance Measures (SPMs), and to prepare us all for Minnesota’s transition to Quarterly Data Quality review of HMIS data.

Once this push for federal fiscal year 2019 data clean-up is complete, we’ll shift toward quarterly review as part of the Quarterly Data Quality monitoring process beginning in 2020. We believe this change will result in improved data quality and a reduction in time spent on corrections.

We are pulling all of our Regional System Administrators (RSAs) into a 2-hour project launch meeting for this work on Monday, September 23. While we will be sure to get to you if you contact us on our Helpdesk that day, you may experience slower-than-usual response times.