Emergency Shelter and Outreach Providers: Are Your Clients on Your Community Housing Prioritization List?

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There is a new ART report to answer this question! You can check to make sure your clients have been referred to the priority list. If your clients already have referrals, you can find out which agency made the referral.

Note, this report is only compatible with the coordinated entry referrals workflow and can only be used to check against the following priority lists: Ramsey, SMAC, Southeast, Southwest, West Central, Central, and Northwest.

Check out the Shelter/Outreach and Open Referrals report in the “Coordinated Entry Reports” folder in ART.  

To run the report, enter the date range with the start and end date report prompts. Select the name of your shelter(s) or outreach program and your Coordinated Entry Lists. The report results will list the number of clients served by your program during the specified date range who are currently on the priority list. These are clients enrolled in your program who have an open referral to the priority list. Client detail is listed on the “Clients Referred to List” tab. You can also use the “All Clients” tab to see which of your clients still needs a referral to the priority list.

For case management purposes, the report also lists which provider made each referral to the list.

ICA is committed to helping our CoCs improve our coordinated entry systems. This report should make managing the referral process for your clients easier. Give this report a try, and let us know what you think!