Do Not Run FHPAP Reports At This Time

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ALERT: Due to the 10/1/17 HUD Data Standards upgrade, several data elements that pertain to FHPAP reports (and all Rapid Re-Housing projects). We strongly advise against running FHPAP reports at this time.

We are actively working on this issue with our software developer, Mediware, and are in communication with MN Housing.

MN Housing has elected to extend the Quarter 1 (SFY 2018) report deadline for grant administrators to November 17, 2017. Contact your FHPAP grant administrator for your local deadline (as it is likely earlier).

Once ICA is certain that the reports are ready for use, we will notify our user base and FHPAP grant administrators.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work to ensure that your data is accurate and clear.